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Circle quarter - Fruytier product

Belgium - Marloie

On this well located 40 ha site at the foot of the Belgian Ardennes, we produce up to 250.000m³ of softwood products per year. This impressive site houses 9 sawing lines, 6 log cutting and sorting stations, a high speed planing line and 2 dipping tanks.

The wood processed on this site is afterwards shipped to the customer, or to our site in Marche-en-Famenne for further added value.

Circle quarter - Fruytier product

Belgium - Marche-en-Famenne

This 25 ha production site is located close to the Marloie site for optimal efficiency. This site is entirely dedicated to added value products and processes, such as planing (1 high speed planing line), Kiln Drying (14 Kiln Dryers), dipping (2 dipping tanks, yellow and transparent), high pressure impregnation (3 impregnation tunnels) and glueing/fingerjointing in our state-of-the-art Structurewood facility.

Circle quarter - Fruytier product

Belgium - Vivy

With its 15 ha of surface, Vivy is the smallest of our production sites, but with a great importance for Fruytier Group. This site is specialized in the processing of bigger logs coming out of the forest. The installations at Vivy allow us to cut logs from 50cm up to 150cm, mainly in Douglas Fir and Spruce.The installations include 2 cutting and sorting stations, 2 sawing lines and 1 dipping tank, exclusively reserved for transparent dipping of Douglas Fir.

Circle quarter - Fruytier product

Belgium - Bertrix

ERDA (Energies Renouvelables Des Ardennes or Renewable Energy of the Ardennes) we process the fresh sawdust produced in our sawmills into high quality pellets, which we commercialize under our 3 own brands : Comfo, Pure, Cozy and Erda.

We produce over 200.000 tons of Grade A pellets per year, and additionally we process the unusable wood byproducts into green electricity for 10.000 households.

Circle quarter - Fruytier product

Germany - Hochscheid

On the 25 ha site in Hochscheid, Germany, we cut maily Spruce and Douglas Fir, with regular productions of Pine and Larch as well, depending on availability. Machinery includes 3 sawing lines, 2 cutting and sorting stations, 1 high speed planing line, 10 Kiln Dryers and 1 dipping tank, which allows us to produce an impressive 170.000m³ of finished products per year.

Circle quarter - Fruytier product

France - La Roche en Brenil

This 30 ha site has been created in 2010 and has been in the center of Fruytier Group’s developments. Very well located in the Bourgogne region, at the heart of the French Douglas Fir forests, this site guarantees us a steady flow of Douglas Fir for many years to come! This site houses 1 cutting and sorting station, 2 brand new state-of-the-art sawing lines, 10 Kiln Dryers, 2 dipping tanks and an unstacking facility.